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When queue is VISIBLE, The best possible queue management solution to consider is QSTAT.

Effective queue management system helps to deligate better customer service even at peak hours and shorten the waiting line and clutter. Now, implement the token system for customers /client to manage queues using QSTAT and QSTAT QMM (Queue Management Module) to engage an efficient Queue management system at your esteemed facility.

Our Tools

The customer can generate the tokens themselves and wait for their turn. QSTAT takes care of your on-site visitors efficiently.


Analyze patient wait times and what is going on real-time. Improve efficiency by tweaking staff planning.


Easy and Intuitive, No training required, engage visitors in just minutes.


Exceptional customer experience and complete business overview with data empowered services.


Real-time queue information notifications, reminders and access interface for consultants for easier access.


Access QSTAT via web browser of any computer, smartphone, tablet. Use where & when you need. it's easy.


Engage with patients through personalized messages by seamless integration with QSTAT QMS.


Serve customers based on their individual history and touch-points. QSTAT delivers real-time information.

Break the ice and greet your visitors by name and your staff can focus on providing great service.
Better time management
Automate patient queuing
Automate service flow by all devices
Gather data and feedback
Service alerts
Shorter wait times
Personal touch
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